The Night the Lights Went Out in the Clubhouse

The Night the Lights Went Out in the Clubhouse

Andy Cohen wants to know if that's boughie, ghetto, or boughetto.

Was it boughy, ghetto, or boughetto when our lights went out during the show last night, leaving a spotlight on Miss Patti's crabs?! I LOVE LIVE TELEVISION.

I stupidly said at the end of the show that tonight is the premiere of The Fashion Show. That's NEXT Tuesday! Tonight is Kathy Griffin's latest stand-up special Whores on Crutches -- no one is safe from Kathy tonight, not even my crossed eyes. Oh lord help me. The show is so damn funny. Then Patti goes to town on a dude from Jersey at 10.

Did you see the SNL sketch? I thought it was a hilarious, loving parody of the absurdity of our all our reunions. It was so hard for me not to laugh, and there's a shot or two where you see me busting up. (By the way, it's occasionally hard for me not to laugh at the actual reunion tapings.) It was so surreal being on that recreation of our God-awful RHNJ Season 1 reunion set, and even moreso in the middle of my favorite SNL women, all staring at me expectantly like some of my favorite Housewives. I got hammered with various hilarious RH questions for the entire afternoon. It was too much fun.

Speaking of fun, here's part of our Watch What Happens Live After Show featuring Miss Patti SMACKING DOWN the Countess, Kim, and Danielle's singing endeavors!

And here's the game we played last night.

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