'Top Chef' Massacre

'Top Chef' Massacre

Andy Cohen teases this week's shocking episode.

Tonight Joe Jonas joins us on Top Chef to -- among other things -- prove why he's the hottest JoBro in all the galaxy. (I am indeed sure he does prove that point even though I am pretty sure he didn't mean to.).  Also returning to Top Chef tonight as a guest judge is Season 1 host Katie Lee! It's always great to see her and we loved having her back on TC. 

And as if all that isn't enough, let me tell you that there is a shocker at Judges' Table (already -- in Episode 2) that is going to rock your world.  Don't miss the last five minutes of the show, is all I will say. 

Speaking of Top Chef, and I always am in one way or another, last night I took my pals Amanda and Graciela to Harold Dieterle's new restaurant (now he has two!), Kin Shop at 469 6th Avenue between 11th and 12th Street. The place was packed and the Thai food is spicy and great.  We tried almost everything on the menu.  Harold is such a great guy, and has done Top Chef proud by succeeding at everything he's done since winning the first season. And he's married now!

I am trying to rest up for next week's week-long Watch What Happens Live stunt, but I am not that great at resting. I hope you like Top Chef tonight!

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