Wednesday Belongs to No One

Wednesday Belongs to No One

Andy celebrates the return of his fave coffee guy, fêtes Padma, and questions the use of inspirational italics. 


I seem to be in a rotton mood (which is unusual for me), but I guess it's going to be a good day after all because my favorite coffee dude (I refuse to say "barrista") is back at Bonsignior after a stint at UPS. He hates all Housewives with the exception of OC, he said. And he loves "Top Chef".

And I do too, and that's why I love that Rosh Hashanah begins with the first leg of our Singapore adventure tonight. I was devastated by last week's elimination, but what happens in Singapore over the next couple of weeks is pretty cool. Tom told me it is some of the best finale food in TC history.

There was a tremendous celebration in honor of Padma last night at Indochine. The theme was New Orleans (I think), and the crowd was pretty amazing - Anna Wintour, Katie Couric, DVF, Wylie Dufresne, Tom and Richard Meier, and on and on. There were contortionists, a dj, a dixieland band (I think it was dixieland - I could be getting this whole thing wrong though), and dancers. It was the perfect kickoff to I don't know what. Fashion Week? Back to school? Loving Pads even more than everybody does (Yes!)?

Someone I barely know just sent an email with an automatic signature at the bottom that says in italics, "Have the most of your day!". First of all that doesn't completely make sense, and second of all I don't need a stranger giving me inspirational meaningless platitudes. In italics.

Okay, maybe today will stink after all, Omar aside. Have the most of your day!

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