What Were They Drinking?

What Were They Drinking?

Andy Cohen reflects on last night's drunken Watch What Happens Live.

I honestly didn't realize that my guests were loaded when I met them 20 minutes before the show, and I also think they're the type of people who lose their muffins (in a good way!) when they're together -- and they hadn't been together in a while. So Regina King and Jackee brought a ton of fun and energy to the Clubhouse last night!!!

Whoa! I had my hands full but it made for a really Live, Live, LIVE -- and lively -- show! I'm going to post some clips at the bottom of this blog and you can check it out.

I was supposed to fly to Atlanta today for the ATL reunion, but I am snowed out of town. I am praying I get on the first flight out tomorrow. Urgh. I need to get my lily white ass to that town! The (non) snowstorm in NYC kept me from Vegas on Friday after a frustrating few hours at Newark; I have to shout out my amazing crew from Continental who went out of their way to help time out what the delay would mean to my deadlines awaiting in Vegas. They made me realize I couldn't make the live CES appearance, so I didn't go. (Better yet, their timing was right on and I would not have made it.)

Yesterday The New York Times ran a big-ass profile of me on the cover of the Style section. You can see it up online if you are so inclined. It was surreal to see my mug on that paper first thing in the morning, and I pretty much didn't leave my apartment all day. I wonder if that had to do with the cold or a bout of self-consciousness? (That is a new emotion for me.)

OK, watch a new episode of Tabs tonight as she hits Newberry Street in Boston, and in the meantime check out these clips from last night's show...

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