Andy learns the hard way that Teresa is stronger than she looks.

I have got to assume that a lot of you saw the reunion last night, because we were all over Twitter's trending topics. I was tweeting during the show, and man, I feel like I digested a boatload of opinions and commentary as it aired. I want to address some of your most repeated comments...

I did not take Teresa getting in Danielle's face lightly, and after we spoke (several times) I felt confident that she wouldn't get off the couch. And, more importantly, I felt better equipped to handle it having been initially completely shocked and awed not only by her animalistic reaction to Danielle's mention of her family but also (as you can see and re-see) by her force in pushing me down into my chair.

And, yes - you can call me Raggedy Andy all you want. It's fine, and I am smiling. I was quite unprepared and unresponsive to getting thrown down in the chair. I just didn't expect it (How could I?). Here's a glorious depiction of said shock and awe by Ryan Casey of the blog









I got a lot of questions asking about Teresa's nephew, and why she was so set off, and I don't have an answer for you beyond her saying she didn't like Danielle speaking of her family. My goal after we returned from the break was to return to the baby talk and not get further sidetracked by nephew talk. There were so many accusations made through taping; some were discussed and others just mentioned, but it was most important to get to what we HAD to address that was included in the season.

I got a lot of people saying I was either too tough on Teresa (re: Bankruptcy) or too tough on Danielle (re: the season). The truth is I'm asking your questions -- what you want to know -- and I try my absolute damndest to be as fair as possible. I don't want anyone to walk away from the long day feeling like I gave them the shaft. A lot of you asked specifics about why I did or didn't follow up on certain subjects. We pretty much covered EVERYTHING in our many hours shooting, but whittled it down to the high points for our two supersized episodes.

There were some funny comments flying around Twitter last night. Chris Colfer from Glee said, "'The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion makes Avatar look like a high school production of Paint Your Wagon." One woman said she half expected me to say, "And to buy Danielle's porn tape, go to" Oy.

I got a bunch of questions about my clothes. Several of you are convinced I wore the same suit to the NYC reunion that I did last night. You know I wouldn't do that, right? The NYC suit was Ralph Lauren Black Label. The Jersey suit was Hugo Boss, and the shirt, shoes, and tie were from Ralph Lauren on 72nd Street (see Travis, he'll help you find whatever you want).

And for a change of pace, two new episodes of two of my all time faves tonight: Jeff and Rachel!!

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