A Deeper Love

A Deeper Love

Andy Cohen comes back to NYC with tales of Pride weekend in Houston.

I had such a great weekend, and you will have a (hardly coveted) opportunity to see how exhausted I look tonight at 11 when I am live in the Bravo Clubhouse with Caroline and Albie. Yes, we are playing the ham game and, yes, we are going to discuss some of the new allegations Miss Staub threw out on last week's episode. And, yes, tonight's epsiode of
RHNJ is mad-ness.

On Saturday, I hit Houston Texas to be the "celebrity" Grand Marshall of their Pride Parade, which happens at night because it is so hot there. My friend Lynn came along for the ride and man did we ever have fun.  

People in Houston are so freaking nice I was blown away! I used to think of Houston and top of mind was Barbara Bush being all bossy and stingy about letting people try on her pearls, but I didn't find this to be the case at all. Babs not only let me try on a pair, she gave me some as a

But I digress.

I was seriously blown away by all the Bravo love from the Houstonians I met (and I feel like I met A LOT of people). Beyond the normal Qs and comments, people seemed to really want to talk about how hot it is in Houston! And it was indeed but it turned into a gorgeous breezy summer night. I also got a fair amount of questions about Ben Weiner, Danielle's song, Top Chef, and Work of Art.

The nighttime parade draws thousands of people crowding two miles of the Montrose part of town, which looked gorgeous from where I sat atop a convertible.   

I am a fool because I took a bunch of fotos and they're all at home. I wish I could show you pics of some of the people I met, including a group of hot scientists, rowdy Continental airlines employees, an adorable lesbian named Miracle,  and south Texas' version of Adam

I still don't have a Mazel and a Jackhole for the show tonight, so post below if you have any ideas.

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