Andy Is Such A Downer

Andy Is Such A Downer

Andy Cohen reflects on unsettling events.

I am on my way to Miami ... but more specifically at this moment, to Laguardia Airport. I am in the back of a car pounding at my Blackberry in a white hot rage at the driver who refused to go the way I asked which has led to our idle state attempting to cross town.

Does anyone concur that if one is going to Laguardia from downtown it only makes sense to cross town somewhere below 23rd street and approach the tunnel from the east side? Or am I simply stuck in my ways and thinking the grass is greener where I am not right now?

Somebody please somehow clear this up for me. I could be wrong. I saw that poor little Sanjaya get canned last night. I am glad that was the one elimination episode I chose to watch. It should have felt like "TV History" being made but in light of all the bad shit that's been going down in real life recently it just felt like......nothing.

I hope little Sanjaya is not William Hung for the rest of his life. Is he forever a punchline? I can see his name on the '07 Trivial Pursuit, but he's sweet. As untalented as anyone I've seen, but candy coated.

Speaking of untalented, Heather Mills FALLS during her routine on "Dancing with the Stars" and she still gets high marks from the judges?? So if she was on Top Chef and burned her food, would she win the challenge and would their be pickets at Bravo the next day? Wassup!? Charla Faddoul would not have fallen, that's for sure.

AWKWARD XISTION: When "Idol" was over last night, the news was all about the killer's video that he sent to NBC. It was inordinantly disturbing to watch. I have to wonder why we need to see it. Why was it shown?

I was happy to read Brian Williams' comments this morning saying what a tough decision that was, but I think our of respect to the families and everyone involved the fuzz should've forbade the media from airing the tape. It was disgusting, and unless they were all told by some authority not to air it, nobody would want to get "beaten" by not airing it. OK, I am at the airport now and off my soapbox. Sorry to be such a Downer today!

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