Andy's Guide To Style

Andy's Guide To Style

Andy is inspired to make Tim Gunn proud.

Before I get "to it" I gotta mention how much fun I had with eliminated chef (and birthday boy) Brian Malarkey and Food and Wine Empress Gail Simmons on "Watch What Happens" last night.

I LOVED last night's episode. It was a total shocker, I thought, that Brian was sent packing. I was there the night of the (endless) Judges' Table debate about who should go home, and I can tell you it was not an easy decision for the judges.

Speaking of shows I love, tonight's episode of "Guide to Style" is a blast and features Nina Garcia! So inspired was I by Tim's show that I had my own "Guide to Style" moment at my home over the weekend, and I attacked my closet with the tenacity of Veronica Webb.

I put a lot of stuff in the "Giveaway" pile, but needed a taskmaster like Tim because I didn't get rid of nearly enough stuff. (And I kept far more than ten items; but I am a boy and boys need more clothes than girls!)

I had a last moment with an ill-fitting Tommy Hilfiger giveaway overcoat on the way to dump my stuff at Housing Works, the beneficiary of my giveaways and a great charity.  In a last minute act of desperation in the elevator to leave, I took this pair of red, white and blue Nike's OUT of the giveaway bag. I thought I was making a MAJOR mistake by dumping them, but Graciela made me put them back in. I will never see them again and I have no regrets!

I bought a vintage shirt in '95, wore it to a disco party once and to a fashion party twice and it never saw the light of day again. I had fantasies that this shirt would propel people to nickname me "Jigsaw". That never happened. (Wouldn't "Jigsaw" be a great nickname, though?) I love the pattern so much that I kind of wish I'd made a pillow or something out of the shirt, but I know that giving it away was the right decision. A certain pair of  low-cut boots got me through almost the entire '90s. They looked like faux motorcycle boots to me then, but now seem like lifts - perhaps most appropriate for a hipster elf. (I got many compliments on them in "the day".) They are at Housing Works now.

Would you believe that on my way back from Housing Works, I stopped at Marc Jacobs on Bleecker Street and bought some freakin' rain boots? Does anyone want to wager that they will never venture out into the rain, and that I will be giving them to Housing Works in 10 years?? I would bet the farm.....


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