Back To Reality

Back To Reality

Andy Cohen dishes on the Top Chef reunion party in Miami.

Last week in Chicago was so fun that I am bummed to return to reality...

The Cheftestants of Top Chef: Miami sent out such positive group vibes: they were so psyched to be back together and pretty much all of them said at some point how sad they were about being at the end of the Top Chef road.

We taped the reunion show Thursday night (for air this Wednesday), announced the fan favorite, and afterwards blew it out with one last blowout party. (Kinda like graduation night.)

The Top Chef party started at Rockit, where the Cubs Playoff game was on and so were we. All the female chefs are beautiful, great dancers, and someone talked Camille into dancing on top of a pool table in what amounted to a cross between "Riverdance" and "Striptease" that went over like gangbusters to all in the group - with the exception of the staff of the bar, who politely got her off the precious felt of the table.

From Rockit, we had a 'company move' to The Underground where it was flowing bottle service as DJ AM absolutely rocked my world (and everybody else's.) I now realize what it means to be a DJ in the modern world; this guy is the real deal. The entire group of chefs, Padma, Tom, Gail, Magical Elves, and Bravo folks danced our faces off. The music was insane. Pretty much everyone wound up on top of the banquette dancing or on a go-go stand.

When I split sometime around 3, Tre was up there in a wife beater breaking it down. It was a joyous night and the Underground was fantastic.

I headed to St. Louis on Friday for some family fun. I realized there that, in the real world, weekends are spent going to kid's soccer games. Did soccer not exist when I was a kid? What has occurred that every kid is in a soccer league? Is it mandatory or voluntary?

In any case, I went to my nephew's two games this weekend and they were quite enjoyable. It's easy to get sucked into the goings on in the stands, which are the real show in my estimation. At the Saturday game, I spied a woman with a killer head of hair. I think I made some kind of judgment about women in St. Louis who get their hair done before league soccer games.

Soon there was a wave of recognition, though, amongst the soccer moms, and it turns out that we were in the presence of a superstar lady... Miss Dorothy Hamill and her classic wedge, which she is still sporting and working beautifully, was the superstar on the sidelines of that soccer field. I watched as several gals approached Dot with the headline news that they had just seen her on "Larry King Live". Miss Hamill was Miss Gracious to said Moms. Why was she there? Oh it's boring, but she was there and she looks great and I am sorry she is fighting depression (and she IS according to the soccermomlady via PEOPLE magazine).

I am back at my desk this morning, wishing I was dancing to DJ AM on a box with Padma and Dorothy Hamill.

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