Andy Cohen wants to hear your thoughts on 'The Fashion Show' ... and proposes the next great Broadway musical.

Last night was a viewing party of The Fashion Show hosted by Fern Mallis at the W Penthouse, 57 stories above Times Square. Since I had already seen the show 18 times, I spent most of the time watching the fashionistas watching the show, and looking out the window. Check out the view of Times Square, btw!

So I want to hear your comments about The Fashion Show..... Fire Away. I'll digest them all and keep them in mind as we cut the show.  We wrapped taping less than two months ago so the paint isn't dry on this one yet.

There is more drama, design, bitchery, and goodness to come, and the fashion definitely gets better — I promise. (It certainly can't get worse, right?) That being said, James-Paul's dress is FANTASTIC and on sale right HERE so check it out. I've seen it in person on Lauren Zalaznick and Bravo Merchandising honcho Jen Turner (two different body types) and it looked so very cool on both of them!

In other news:

* I can't wait to see Star Trek!!! Even the cranky-ass Times gave it (what looks to me like) a rave. I heart Space.

* In case I can't get in to see Zach Quinto Spock up the house, I read this morning that Lesley Gore is playing at the Regency and so maybe I could take a Percocet and wander over there.  I wasn't yet a fetus when Judy's Turn to Cry and It's My Party were hits, but I do reckon that those would be the songs you'd want to hear that lady sing, right? According to the review today, she throws them in a medley and sings mostly standards. Here's what, Lesley Gore: people want you to sing your freaking hits, not Meet Me in St. Louis!

Didn't I once hear that Astrid Gilberto refused after a point to sing Girl From Ipanema? And didn't I once have Tina Louise on the CBS Morning Show only to find out she would not discuss Gilligan's Island? (She wanted to hawk her line of parasols, seriously.). So do I need to further spell out the lesson here to all the one-hit wonders pondering a limited engagement somewhere?

* The paper says that The Wiz is coming back this summer at the Encores series, which is a sure sign it'll then follow on Broadway sometime soon. I have been bugging my pal Joe Mantello (who directed Wicked among many other hits) about a genius idea I had, and in reading the Wiz news, the time is NOW for my brainstorm. The idea is an all black version of Wicked called Blicked. Are you in???? I am! I shall re-bug Joe immediately after finishing this blog.

* I got into a deep moment with my DVR yesterday and watched a few Oprahs from last week.  Lady O is on FIRE! Did you see the bullying hour about all the 12-year-olds who've hung themselves because they've been taunted with gay slurs? This was the saddest thing I've seen, and a brilliant hour of TV with some real solutions — and I cried. I also cried at the show where Harpo made some sad people's dreams come true. Um, the moment when gave those boys college scholarships in celebration of single moms? Yeah, that was good. I haven't watched Elizabeth Edwards yet.

* It's Mother's Day weekend and let's celebrate by looking at THIS adorable gallery of Bravolebrities' moms. Look for Evelyn Cohen!

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