Andy Cohen and Stephen Colbert act out a scene from 'The Real Housewives of New York City.'

I am sitting at JFK airport next to a WAILING child who is having a fit with all the energy and rage of Teresa Guidice. She wants to GO to the gate! And she's MAD that the waiter is taking so long! And her parents do not CARE because they live with this 24/7, and so this is just white noise to them. But I care. And I just turned to her and said "GO!"

And she just shut the hell up!

They are playing The Carpenters and that little hellcat should take a breath and listen to my girl Karen and be lulled into submission. Now the dad is hugging her. She is a VICTIM. Is it bad to hate a child?

Anyway, I'm going to L.A. for the day to lavish in the TCA, which is a bi-annual gathering of TV critics. There's stuff in the afternoon, and then a party tonight. Then I am on the Ambien express 11:30 p.m. redeye back to the beach. Oy.


Boy did I have a blast last night on The Colbert Report!!! Stephen Colbert, as you know, is playing a character named Stephen Colbert who is a bombastic combination of blissfully righteous and fairly uninformed. So being interviewed by his character, in front of a cheering audience no less, is a challenge. The highlight for me was our verbatim re-enactment of Kelly and Bethenny's fight at the Brass Monkey in Season 2 of NY Housewives. There's a clip of it floating around the web. Check it out and let me know w you think.

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After the taping I went to Antarctica, the Tribeca bar not the continent, for our Watch What Happens Live wrap party. Have I mentioned that we have the best production team on that wee lil show! Everybody's HAPPY! That makes a diff.

OK, I'm on the plane now and the flight attendent who wanted to know about Kandi three minutes ago has had an attitude adjustment and is now "serious lady who strongly suggests that I turn this Bberry off before she does it for me." I don't love that character. Have a great weekend!

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