Dr Quinn, The Rainbow Room, Jaclyn Smith, And Matt Lorenz!!!

Dr Quinn, The Rainbow Room, Jaclyn Smith, And Matt Lorenz!!!

Andy Cohen makes the rounds at several Bravo events.

Yesterday was a "Shear Genius" mix of Bravo in a blender at warp speed. We started our day with TAFKAKG (the actress formerly known as Kelly Garrett) on the "Today Show" looking like a crisp million dollar bill plugging the big premiere of her white-hot show. Lunchtime was the big Bravo Upfront Event in the Rainbow Room where we announced a galaxy of high quality, leather bound, deluxe programming. I ate like a pig and was particulary fond of the chicken salad. I did not talk inappropriately, nor did I check my Blackberry once. In fact -- I left it on my desk! The Bravo Execs did an amazing job with their presentations and I got re-energized about all that's coming up this year.

Last night Margaret Russell and Elle Decor threw a great party in honor of the Top Design finale at the W Union Square that featured pretty much the entire cast of the show, Todd Oldham, Goil's boyfriend, Jane Seymour, and Michael's twin. I am not lying about Dr. Quinn; she was in attendance. I don't particularly want to know the why's and where's and what's of her appearance. Did she crash? Was she sorority sisters with Margaret Russell's aunt? Does she own a part of Elle Decor? Is she buying Bravo? It was just good to have her there, so I am not getting to the bottom of this. The highlights of the party were: meeting carpenters Sarah and Ed, smelling Felicia Bushman's Gardenia fragrance, and meeting bloggers Paulo from Project Yawner and Tom and Lorenzo from Project: Everything ... oh, and meeting John Grey's cute friend.

You'd think that was enough Bravo for one man, right? Not enough for this reporter, folks... I hit it to the hi-tech "Watch What Happens" Studio Complex for the big after-show featuring WINNER Matt Lorenz and the Mayor of Excuses Village, Carisa Perez-Fuentes. (Just kidding, Carisa.) I was so pissed when I got there and just missed J-Lo "sing" on "American Idol." She is one of the few people who is worse than Sanjaya, so I look forward to someone putting that online.

Matt and Carisa were in feisty and fun moods and it was fun sitting in the make up room watching them watch the show. I had some bad flashbacks to one of my most awkward evenings of '07, watching the Top Chef finale with Marcel and Ilan; I was glad not to be in that situation again. Close to the time the show ended we all went to the set and the two of them sat watching the judging HOLDING HANDS, mouths open. It was very sweet and dramatic. Like them.

Our show starts the second the Bravo show ends, and ours was a roller coaster. I think it was our best "Watch What Happens" yet because it felt like headline news was happening every other minute. All came totally full circle for the fans of Top Design -- we had Matt's wife Veronica on at the top of the show. She was freaking out with joy and we learned that Matt promised her a boob job with the money if he won it. She also said that Matt is into leather, which I felt was perfectly plausible and fine but he said it was a joke. His daughter Lilly was on the phone too, presumably too focused on the princess room to understand the "adult talk" of leather and boob jobs.

Carl the Carpenter called in and completely vindicated Carisa and made her cry a little. We gave a big check to Matt -- $100 Grand from Lending Tree and the keys to his new GMC Acadia! Soon he'll be in Elle Decor too! Matt's clients called in from Hawaii, as did "later'd" designer Heather.

Carisa revealed she got married in January in Vegas and Matt's carpenter Ed called in and revealed that he's single and on E-Harmony! Whaaaaaaayt??? And he's got ten grand in his bank account, ladies! The news never stops, folks. To top it all off, my mom called in to ask a design question!!! We taped an equally eventful after show-after show that will get posted later today right below where the normal show is. I am getting on another plane this morning. Flying South. Very very south.

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