Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out

Andy Cohen hangs out with Rachel Zoe, Iman, and more of fashion's elite.

Before I get to last night's fashion tornado, let us pause to reflect on the TV goodness that awaits us tonight after the sun sets over our oil-stained earth.
We have part 1 of the RHNYC reunion airing at 9 EST, followed by the premiere of Bethenny Getting Married? at 10, and then I'm live in the Clubhouse with Bethenny. I was pretty psyched when I saw the cover of today's NY Times Arts section to see a big photo of Bethenny next to a rave review for her show. This writer "gets" her, her show, and the appeal of the Housewives.... 
Some backstory about BGM?: We started talking to Bethenny about her own show last summer, and when we picked it up we thought it would be a docuseries following her dating life and career. Little did we know things with Jason would heat up to the point of an engagement, and that she would get pregnant. So the storyline of the show was fully dictated by her imminent wedding and birth, and it creates a dramatic timeline over nine weeks. She is funny, hard, and vulnerable all at once, and watching the show you understand exactly why she and Jason are so deeply in love. They are fun to watch. I think you'll love this show! 
In other big news, we are making the RHNYC Reunion THREE WHOPPING PARTS and Watch What Happens Live is hopping over to Mondays starting next week. So Part 2 of the reunion will air Monday night at 9 EST before RHNJ, and then I will be live in the Clubhouse with Ramona and Dina. Next Thursday at 9 EST, it's Part 3 followed by a brand new episode of Bethenny and then I am live in the Clubhouse to say goodbye (for now) to Thursdays with the first lady of Bravo, Kathy Griffin. I am beyond the beyond about KG joining me in the clubhouse. 
I am also very psyched that we're leaving very little of the reunion on the edit room floor. This was as compelling a show as we've done and (you) the audience is as engaged as ever, so we want to deliver it all. Last night was a dinner at Indochine (the restaurant that never goes out of fashion) celebrating Iman's Icon Award at the CFDA. Iman, as you know, is going to be hosting Season 2 of The Fashion Show with Isaac Mizrahi. We are so excited — and awed — that this beauty is joining our Bravo family. The event was walltowall fashion and I was sitting with Harper's Bazaar Editor Glenda Bailey with Laura Brown and Miss Rachel Zoe. It was very Bravo. 

It is seemingly impossible — based on the 10 times we've met — to catch Iman looking less than 1000% gorgeous. She is a stunning icon. (Sorry to repeat myself about how hot Iman is but I kinda can't get over it.)  Rachel was in great form and decked out in super-inexpensive accessories from her QVC line. I wanted to buy all her jewelry right off her body, but she didn't seem into that idea. Tyson Beckford was there in jeans and a tux shirt looking exceptional. He and I discussed Ronnie (Make Me a Supermodel) Kroell's full frontal spread in PLAYGIRL, and agreed that we were happy and proud for him. Our little Ronnie is all growed up! 
Afterwords, it was the unveiling of the Black Room at the Standard, down the hall from the Boom Boom Room. I always had a hunch that there was some kind of OTHER club awaiting us behind the double doors next to the maitre d' stand at the Boom, and I was correct. This place is more like a club scene with windows everywhere and a pool in the corner. I took a crappy pic of a couple people in the pool, just so you could get a SENSE of the vibe. It doesn't really translate whatsoever....
So last night was the premiere of Work of Art and finale of Masters and I am dying to know what everybody thought of WOA. The tweets I got all night indicated that you were into the show. Keep me posted....  See you tonight at 11!

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