Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Andy wonders whether today's blog is exceptionally boring.

My heart is still so full of happy after visiting my old camp stomping grounds last week, and I'm going to see how long I can ride that wave as I'm back to the grind today in NYC. I know it'll take me at least until 11 p.m. tonight, when we have a celebration planned for our "See You In September" summer finale of Watch What Happens Live featuring Bethenny and Rachel Dratch. And Kim G.  And, as the title says, we're back in September, so it's just a short break for everybody to get their wits together.

So camp was indeed fantastic and I flew back to New York Friday amidst a torrent of weather delays in Chicago. I was trying, as I sat on the runway a couple hours, to focus on the one positive thing I had going to me, and that was my iPod with a full battery. About 20 minutes after that 'love and light' meditation, one of my earphones blew out. I had to laugh.

It was so hot this weekend, and it felt like the coolest place to be was in the water at the beach, which explains why I keep finding sand in my ears. Hmm, what else happened this weekend? I saw Ivanka Trump at spinning and she is in killer shape. And I watched a bunch of Bravo cuts. And I grilled striped bass and vegetables.

I know this blog was always boring, but I wonder when it turned the corner from boring to really quite unreadable and stunningly boring. I think when the summer started it got much worse. I wonder if it will ever recover? Blogs are cyclical, right?

Here's a pic of some jello from the last meal I had at camp. It was the first time I'd laid eyes on Jello in quite some time. It is just coagulated sugar, right?

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