My Ear is Clogged

My Ear is Clogged

Andy Cohen needs his ailment fixed stat ... so he can watch 'Big Brother.'

Yeah. I have water in my left ear, so can somebody help me with that before 8 p.m. tonight?? I want to be able to hear Big Brother in stereo, because one ear isn't enough to capture all the drama.

What are you thinking about the new season? I am digging the casting, though I am worried that the Kosher guy will be bad for the Jews and the gay guy will be bad for the gays. The Jewish guy is apparently a cunning, scheming manipulative podiatrist, which seems like it won't net out well for the Jews. And, actually, the gay guy was kinda bad for the gays the minute the purse came falling out of his mouth in the first episode. He seems like a 2003 gay instead of a 2010 gay. Maybe that's just me.... 

But the others are great, and I love the surfer dude's bang-y hairdo and the dumb Texan dude.  And I think Annie the bisexual seems funny and spunky. And the scientist dude is handsome. We have a competitor on Top Chef Just Desserts who kinda looks like the scientist dude will look in 12 years. Oh this is all such speculation and hyperbole!

Tonight on Bravo we have two of my fave shows backtoback. It's Top Chef at 9 and Work of Art at 10. Tonight both shows go into high gear in terms of the competition, and people really starting to define who they are as competitors/chefs/artists. It's all happening, in other words.

Minetta Tavern last night was a packed house, with Charlie Rose in the back booth and my table abutted by two groups of Real Housewives of NYC. Not Bravo Real Housewives, the other kind. (I don't know what's real-er, actually.)

I am so amused by the Levi-Bristol engagement. It just makes me smile. I think we should do "Bristol Getting Married?".... I'm going to comment more on the Here's What blog....

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