Rambly Wednesday

Rambly Wednesday

Andy Cohen touches on everything from Bethenny's People cover to Lindsay Lohan's impending jailtime.

As hot as it is today (and it is freaking HOT), there is a happy ending waiting at 9 p.m. EST with Episode 4 of Top Chef. Actually, the ending of TC ain't so happy — 2 chefs are going home tonight. Ruh-roh. There's a new Work of Art at 10, and you should check that out too. The critics are still nuts about that show, and I hope you are too. Nao, who was eliminated last week, sent me a t-shirt with a line she said to the judges the other night: "I am not responsible for your experience of my work." I dig it.

MAZEL to Bethenny Frankel, who is appearing on the cover of the new issue of People magazine! That's a big deal. She opens up to the magazine about her childhood  and painful past. You may be surprised by what you hear, and I think it will explain a lot about who she is. One of my favorite parts about her show is her sessions with her therapist; I wish they could be longer because that lady has a lot going on in her head. Thankfully, you can see extended therapy sessions right here on Bravotv.com, so check those out! Her wedding episode airs Thursday. Bring a hanky. Actually, bring two.

So Lindsay Lohan is going to jail and I guess since she wrote "f---- you" on her nail beds, I needn't feel too badly for her or wait for any public outcry. That is not going to happen, so let me move on.

Last night we went to Sunset Beach for dinner, Andre Balaz' St. Barth's-inspired al fresco paradise on the bay in Shelter Island. It was a hotbox, but the reggae and the sunset and lou de mer kept us cool. Actually, it seemed to get really, super-hot AFTER the sun set. What is that? What does that mean?

I am watching Bill Clegg on the TODAY show right now. He's the handsome lit agent who wrote Portrait of a Young Man as an Addict, the book everybody's talking about now. Bill is a good guy who got through a seemingly insurmountable addiction and lived to tell. His book is painful and well written, and an easy read. 

This column is reading like King's Things today but it is summer and I don't have a cohesive story to share with you.

I keep running into Brad Goreski and his partner on the beach out here. He is such fun, and is in an "option-pulling" frenzy right now as he travels the globe with Cameron Diaz as she promotes Knight and Day. Every time I see him I want to talk about pulling options, or say something in Zoe-talk. I'm a bit obsessed with that show. The new season of The Rachel Zoe Project starts in August; it'll be on following Flipping Out on Tuesday nights. Isn't that a must-see double hour of power?  

OK, I'm going to Soul Cycle and then will have a telephone up to my ear for the remainder of the day. Have a great one and KEEP COOL.

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