Andy Cohen reflects on last night's 'Watch What Happens Live' with guest Danielle Staub.

Oh man I am fu-reaking out about what went down in the Bravo Clubhouse last night. I have to give it to Danielle, she answers every damn question I ask her — no matter how rude. Some may dispute the truth of her answers, but at least she gives one and does not his me in the face with a cocktail ring. (I heard from Dina, Caroline, and Ramona during the show and each was calling Danielle a liar....)

I was looking directly up her "skirt" (it was more like a long sequined shirt) the entire night. I told her I was — I couldn't help it. I am glad for everybody that she was wearing panties. Speaking of underwear, sweet Ben Weiner is off to camp where I hope he won't be "pantsed." He was a trending topic on Twitter in several citites last night! We will miss him.

The song.  Wow. I do not think it sucked! Yes I was in shock from the odd-ness that all of a sudden D was busting out a full-on girl-on-girl duet with lesbian superstar Lori Michaels; but once I got over that I thought the song was lovely and D has a pretty voice. We will post the song ASAP, right HERE. 

After the show, Eli and I — appropriately — went to Cubby Hole (a West Village lesbian bar) to celebrate Danielle's di-ness. Turns out Ms. Staub had visited the Cubby on Sunday night.  Wow. Then we went to Corner Bistro for a burger.  I love the West Village so much. Have I mentioned that enough?

Tonight is one of my fave episodes of My Life on the D-List ever. Kathy judges a kiddie pageant and it is hilarious. Did you see our after-show the other night, where she turned the tables on me and asked me questions, and also allowed me to touch her (non-deformed) boob??? Check it out, and watch her tonight on Bravo at 10 followed by Double Exposure!

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