Shut it Down

Shut it Down

Andy Cohen is psyched for tonight's premiere of 'The Rachel Zoe Project.'

Do you realize that Cloris Leachman shows 18 colors of glorious crazy on tonight's finale of Kathy Griffin??? It is SOMETHING.

At 10, Rachel Zoe Shuts. It. Down. Actually, starting tonight she shuts it down every Tuesday.  Tonight it is all about Demi and a giraffe and Tay. A lot of drama crammed into one episode.  I am feeling like this season bring the fashion and celebs and designers to a whole new level.

When Bravo and RZ first started talking about her show, we told her that celeb cameos were not essential, and that what we really wanted was to capture her process behind styling. What has happened over three seasons of the show is that superstar celebs and designers are actually happily appearing on the show because of their fondness for RZ and knowledge that this show is not craptacular. Rather, it is bananas.

To me, seeing the DRESSES was and is more important than anything. The fashion porn in the show is intense. Thus, i get a perverse thrill when Rachel starts talking about pulling options.  Whenever I run into Brad, which seems to be very frequently these days, our conversation inevitably wanders into a pulling-options zone.

I am typing this on my iPad and it is driving me nuts. I don't have an iPhone so I am totally in the dark about this keypad and i keep looking for a cursor that will let me edit. I don't know what the hell i am looking for all i know is that i cannot find it. Is there a geek out there who can help me?

That square tits line on Jersey last night absolutely killed me. I was trying to get #squaretits to be a trending topic on Twitter last night, but I am only one man. OK this iPad is making me more crazy than I am and I have a lot of work to do....

Have a great day.

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