Soul Cycle Tuesday

Soul Cycle Tuesday

Andy Cohen embraces the joys of spinning.

OK I am on hazy lazy 100-degree summertime time, which is why this blog is coming in so late. Actually, I have had a really busy morning and so I got carried away with actual work.

July 4th in the Hamptons was spectacular: the food, weather, vibe, light, booze, parties ... the whole thing was perfect. Thursday night, while Bethenny Getting Married? was on TV, "Bethenny Gettting Food?" was playing out before my very eyes at the Palm in East Hampton.  I thought her show last week (Episode 4) was hilarious — her trying to squeeze into that dress for her shower, and very poignant meeting with the wedding officiant. She called this morning with some big news that's going to break I think tomorrow. (She's not pregnant or getting divorced or anything....)

Friday was dinner with friends in Wainscott and a lotta lotta rose.

On Saturday, I became a convert to a religion that has had Kelly Ripa enraptured for the last few years: Soul Cycle. I still don't exactly know why Soul Cycle (located in Bridgehampton) is different than other spinning establishments, but it seems to be incredible and it is a nightmare signing up for classes and getting a bike. Once you're in, though, it is a fantastic, fast workout, with great music and you're drenched by the end. Saturday afternoon was a perfect beach day and that night we had a fun dinner in Amagansett on the beach. Sunday was boxing with a buddy then a boat trip to the Persky's on Shelter Island for their annual July 4th hoo-ha. It was indeed a hoo-ha. They made me devilled eggs, and dessert was Joanna's homemade peppermint iced cream. (She knows I like m&ms in it, so she made me a special one to order. And I had two.)

Sunday night was Mrs. Bozzi's famous lasagna, and we lit some ghetto fireworks. Yesterday was more boxing and the beach. And a fun dinner in East Hampton.

This is the most boring blog ever and very short on actual details, which is maybe one of the reasons I was procrastinating for so long.

So I am now obsessed with Soul Cycle and happy to be working from out East all week ,so I can begin each day with some drenched spinning. In other East End news, my buddha and my house is lacking a center. I don't know what to do, besides spin. 

Tonight on Bravo you got a brand new Kathy Griffin followed by Double Exposure. Pump up the a/c and go deep with Bravo. I dare u.

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