Tonight, Tonight

Tonight, Tonight

Andy Cohen is hopping all around New York City.

Oy vey, a whole lotta things happening on Bravo tonight. Consider us the alternative to the basketball finals. (Yeah, I just found out that there is a huge game tonight, but that shouldn't affect you, right?)

Tonight at 9, our epic reunion concludes with Part 3, and it is a doozy. At 10, Bethenny Getting Married? is back for Episode 2, and I am live at 11 in the Clubhouse with the queen of Bravo, Kathy Griffin, who's going uncensored about the Housewives. She has A LOT to say.  And she is funny as s---. OK, I'll just say it: she is as funny as snot.

That was dumb.  And beneath us all.

Last night I went to the premiere of Florent: Queen of the Meat Market, a documentary about the fantastic Florent Morillet and his fantastic restaurant that changed New York City, and me.  If you read this blog or live in NYC, you remember that it closed two summers ago. I still think about that restaurant a few times a week: the people, the vibe, the feeling of home, the freedom, the sense of community, and the food. I lived around the corner for15 years, so it was great to see it come alive again last night, and to see some of the servers and hosts who are a part of Florent's family.

And I love that the premiere happened on the same night as Top Chef D.C.'s launch. What did you think of the show?? I dug it. And I am digging Work of Art in a hardcore way.

After the film, we went to a launch party for Markus and Indrani's Double Exposure in the East Village. It was held in an old synagogue, and there were gorgeous prints of iconic photos taken by the duo. There show is a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of cuckoo happens behind the scenes of each of their famous photos. Watch for Gaga and Lindsay Lohan to go in front of their lens in the next few weeks on their show.

After the party, we went for dinner at Kenmare, which is a mega hotspot near La Esquina. I had never been, and it was a SCENE. Very fun, and a gorgeous NYC night.

I will see you live in the Clubhouse at 11. And by the way, if you're in NYC and are up for some fun, meet the Countess and me at Splash after midnight. I am introducing her singing her new song. How is THAT not going to be fun??

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