'Top Chef' is Back!

'Top Chef' is Back!

Andy Cohen talks about the new season and shares pics from a 'TV Guide' party.

It might be the summer of D.C. on Bravo, and tonight (at a new time: 9 p.m. EST) Top Chef is back for season 7 in the nation's capital.  Here's a pic of Padma I snapped at an upcoming challenge at the famed DC Palm. I dig Pads in hotpants, don't you??


This season not only features some amazing new chefs, Eric Ripert joins Judges' Table and Nancy Pelosi judges a Quickfire. I love D.C., I love Top Chef, I love hotpants, I love Eric Ripert, and I love summertime.  So I am boarding the Top Chef train and I ain't getting off for 15 weeks.

Let me also remind you that after TC, it's Episode 2 of Work of Art. All the feedback I'm reading from viewers is extremely positive, which makes me happy. (I have read one or two items from art insiders who have their head firmly up their own asses and thus can't get their heads around a show about art that is fun and accessible, but they'll come around.)TV Guide made a list of 25 Powerful TV people and — in a fit of brainstorming ways to get Housewives to show up at their party — put me on it. That is the only reason I can think of for their including me, but I am flattered and not going to point out their typo to anyone. Monday night I stopped by their soiree at Gilt at the Palace Hotel and was happily feted by the editors and NJ Housewives Caroline, Dina, and Jacqueline, as well as Ramona and Alex from NYC.


And how awesome that Kathy Griffin arrived and brought her dinner companion, Miss Joan Rivers?


I love an audience with Joan Rivers, and seeing Kathy G. always puts a big smile on my face (unless she's screaming at me, which never happens.) Kathy is my guest Thursday night, and I am pretty sure Grandma Wrinkles will not be accompanying her on the show. I am so psyched to hear what Kathy has to say. Her new season is off the chain, as I am sure you saw last night....

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