Tuesday is the New Monday

Tuesday is the New Monday

Andy Cohen teases about his big night at Mr. Chow, and atop the Standard Hotel with Madonna and others.

Last night was way too eventful for a Tuesday, and it's got me thinking that Tuesday might be the new Monday, which as we know took over for Thursday as the new Friday a few years ago. Anyway, it started at the 30th Anniversary party for Mr. Chow on 57th Street. The NYC outpost of Mr. Chow, if you haven't been, is littered with art world A-Listers and is a delicious (and pricey) treat. (The L.A. version is a hive of paparazzi and Lisa Rinna-esque peeps).

So I went to the party because Miss China Chow invited me and if that lady picks up her phone to invite me somewhere, I'm there. (You will be hearing more about her really soon.) I spoke to Hedda Hopper, I mean Cindy Adams, and I am a wee bit wondering what I said. 

From there I went to the Boom Boom Room atop the Standard for the Valentino party. I have said it before and I will keep saying it until they throw me out — this room is the best new place to open in NYC in the 19 years that I've lived here. It was a really dramatic and entertaining time up there last night! And I am not blogging the particulars because it was messy and private. I will tell you that Valentino told me he saw a piece of the Atlanta Reunion (Whaa? Huh?) and had some insightful and hilarious observations which I shall not print. Furthermore, we danced with Madonna and chatted her up for quite a while about a lot of things that I just can't report. (I know that is lame).   

So this morning I am just DOWN about this vote in Maine banning gay marriage. Sad. At what point, I wonder, will it seem antiquated to legislate who we can and cannot LOVE? This is a heartbreaking defeat. 

In other "news," I don't know what's more unbelieveable: that Orso in Los Angeles is closing or that The New York Times wrote a huge article about it.

Oh and I would like you to know that tonight is a GREAT Top Chef Special! It is a hybrid reunion show/challenge situation hosted by the adorable Fabio Viviani. It is big drama, too.  You are going to love this show.


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