Viva Espana

Viva Espana

Andy Cohen is humbled by the LeBron James controversy, Usher, and

I'm back in NYC, gearing up for the extension-pull heard 'round the world, airing tonight at 10 on the New Jersey Housewives. I am live at 11 in the Bravo Clubhouse featuring some ladies with some 'splaining to do: Jacqueline and Teresa. Mmm-hmmm. I wonder if I will remember my way around the clubhouse. I feel like it's been like 14 days since I've been there. Oh it actually has been exactly 14 days....

This weekend was great, even if I did spend a big chunk of it doing notes on cuts of Bravo shows. I saw a killer episode of "ackie Warner's Thintervention (coming soon!), several great Top Chef and Top Chef Just Desserts, the first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which slayed me, The Rachel Zoe Project, which gave me a fashion boner, and another new show that I don't think I can discuss. It was all great viewing!

I had been completely ignoring the LeBron thing and then on Saturday, after a particularly hard spinning class that left me feeling my oats, I tweeted something about NYC not needing him and this town being bigger than him and on and on. People got pissed and said we DO need him, and what about Cleveland, and that I didn't know what the hell I was talking about and to shut my trap. And the truth is I didn't and I don't, and the moral here is not to tweet what you don't know. 

And I should've sent my alternate tweet, which was something to the effect of what a jam Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" was and is. It is! (And it was!) Jimmy Fallon should cover that song. (Did he already?)

Saturday afternoon I went to a tea dance for the Empire State Pride Agenda in the middle of a sculpture park in Water Mill. It was a damn good time and I not only ran into The Lady Bunny, who played "The Boss" for me, but also Sonja Morgan, who had a quick dance with me. She is a lot of fun. And so is Sonja. Ma ha. I had run into Lady Bunny and her mother, Lady Becky of Chatanooga, on 13th street the other day and they gave me the lowdown on Houston, among other things. I dig me some Bunny, Becky, and Sonja.

The beach yesterday was beyond the beyond. The swells were massive and the undertow was fierce. I got yelled at by lifegaurds for going out too far but that in itself was kinda fun. They were pissed!  I was fine, though. 

One of our great Bravo Publicity honchos, Kristen Andersen, just moved from NYC to L.A., and she drove all the way to Cali. I asked her to count the amount of times she heard "California Girlz" (is that how you spell it, or how you don't spell it, if you get me?). I am actually surprised by her results. She said that from Memphis to Arizona she heard the song 13 times, but as soon as she got into L.A., six times in just one day!! That's a total of 19 times and I wanna say that I heard it about four times a day in the Hamptons and that was me not being in the car all day driving endlessly! So that was that experiment from the Bravo Labs.

And it took me maybe three months but I finally got into "OMG." Usher and know what they're doing. And I do not. And why'd it take me three months to get into that song, and it took me three seconds to get into "Real Close." What does that mean???

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