What a Day: Emmys and a Premiere!

What a Day: Emmys and a Premiere!

Andy gives you the deets on his new show, 'Watch What Happens.'

I don't know where to begin, but I guess since that's my choice I will be entirely self centered and plug tonight's premiere of "Watch What Happens: Live" at midnight EST. Yes it's live... Yes you can call us, tweet us, Facebook us, e-mail us, or just come down to Soho and bang on the doorm... Yes, I'll be with Jersey HW Danielle PLUS the eliminated designer from tonight's (EXPLOSIVE) "Fashion Show" PLUS Sarah Jessica Parker will be live on the phone!

We've been doing technical rehearsals all week and I can't exactly say everything's gone perfectly, but that's why ya rehearse. And that's why live TV is so fun.

The show is a mix of Bravo and the week's events in pop culture. We're going to be sipping cocktails and I was leaning towards a Jack and Ginger but a Vodka Soda is now seeming more reasonable. (And just because I am pondering this now doesn't make me an alcoholic. I swear.) The set looks like my office in my apartment. And, in fact, half the stuff on the set is FROM my apartment so it all makes sense. I feel at home in both places, which is a Mazel.


Before last night's rehearsal I stopped by Diane von Furstenberg's book party for Gloria Vanderbilt's erotic novella OBSESSION. I am obsessed myself with Gloria Vanderbilt, so it was a total thrill meeting her and getting a signed copy of the book, which is meant to be triple X rated.


DVF introduced her to the group and said that when she read it, she felt like she did in boarding school under the covers with a flashlight reading something totally scandalous for which she might get in trouble. Um, I'm in.

CONGRATULATIONS to everybody at "Top Chef" and "Kathy Griffin" and "Project Runway" and Bravo Digital on Bravo's record-setting TWELVE Emmy noms!!! Very psyched that Padma and Tom are joining Heidi in the Best Host Category! They deserve it! It is a really great day.

OK, I have a busy day, what with the new show, my day job, and the NY Housewives inability to shut it to anyone with a tape recorder. Here's What: 90 percent of what you're reading is untrue!

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