'Work of Art' Works!

'Work of Art' Works!

Bravo's newest competition show is getting rave reviews.

I am actually quoting The New York freaking Times when I say "Work of Art works." And as I write this I am watching China Chow, Simone duPury, and Bill Powers on my Taxi TV, so that is total immersion.

WOA premieres following tonight's Top Chef Masters finale. The TCM episode features last season's finalists dining on this season's last meal. It's a fun watch.

And I will tell you that Work of Art is a blast. It is an idea we've been kicking around at Bravo for as long as I can remember, and one that the Magical Elves had been obsessed with on their own and concurrently so had Sarah Jessica Parker and her Pretty Matches Productions.  The artists are talented, the challenges are fun to watch, the judges are so smart and at the top of their field, China Chow is a dream host (with great clothes) and our mentor Simon de Pury is not only Mr. Credibility but he's a total character!

Art is so subjective, and so it is sometimes a complicated affair judging one work against another. I think the show works, though, because it ignites the discussion and certainly added layers to my thought process surrounding what is "good" and "bad" art. I agreed with the judges tonight, but there are one or two calls coming up that I didn't totally get. That is the beauty of ART!

I am really excited about this one, people... .

And have I mentioned that Countess LuAnn's niece Nicole is one of the competitors? When the Countess heard about the show, she kept telling me what a great artist her Nicole is and that we should have her on. I told the Countess that she needed to try out like everybody else. She did, and Simone and the panel were impressed enough to want to see more. So watch for her! (The Countess does not appear, unfortunately!)

So let me know what you think of Work of Art, and know that it moves to it's regular 10 p.m. timeslot next week following the premiere of Top Chef D.C. (!). And by the way, stay tuned for big news about the NYC reunion later today....

Have a great one.

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