Worst Tonys Ever?

Worst Tonys Ever?

Andy Cohen gives his assessment of Broadway's biggest night.

Before I get to my ramble, don't forget that tonight at 9 p.m. EST it's Part 2 of the NYC Wives Reunion. At 10, the NJ Housewives are back with an episode that features the departure of one of the wives. And at 11, I am live with our first summer Monday Watch What Happens Live featuring Ramona from NYC and Dina from NJ.

It really is saying something to call last night's Tonys the worst ever. This about a show that seems to get worse every year, but man that was lame. Sean Hayes was hilarious and a great host; I am so happy for his recent success on Broadway. Beyond that I don't totally know what to say about the nine jukebox musicals that seemed to be competing with each other. I think because there was nothing new or original (besides Fela) this year, that 18-hour award show really suffered.

I was fairly miserable by the time Catherine Zeta Jones layed a big messy stinkbomb at Radio City in the form of "Send in the Clown,s, but when she then won for Best Actress in a Musical I was pretty sour. Then Memphis won best musical and closed the show with the crappiest song that my unborn fetus could have composed. 

I dunno. But I did love Matthew Morrison and I at least admired Lea Michele's gumption to get up in front of everybody and do a terrible job attempting to be Barbra Streisand. I felt so uncomfortable for Beyonce and Jay-Z, but especially when Lea came over and serenaded them.

So that's my Tony report. Who cares! The weekend in the Hamptons was pretty overcast, which meant that I got a boatload of work done. I screened a mini marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project and Flipping Out episodes, as well as some other Summer by Bravo fare. I feel like I accomplished a lot. Oh, and there was a gorgeous benefit for the Hetrick-Martin Institute at Grey Gardens, the formerly overrun-by-cats home of the Beales. It was so cool being on those famous grounds.

I am on the shuttle to D.C., the land of Top Chef (premieres Wednesday!!!) and of Malia and Sasha. I will be back in time for a big TV Guide party and then the big show, so have no fear. Have a great day.

Oh, by the way — a big Mazel to Bethenny Frankel and the crew of Bethenny Getting Married on their spectacular series launch Thursday night. It was Bravo's highest-rated series debut ever! I love BGM? so much — it is funny, light, serious, real, and touching.  And here is the Watch What Happens Live After Show we recorded Thursday night....

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