Jo De La Rosa, Jeana, Kara, & Shane Keough

Jo De La Rosa, Jeana, Kara, & Shane Keough

Season 10 |
Aired: June 25, 2013

OC Themed Mazel & Jackholes!

  • Mazel- I was gonna give it to Briana, who’s also an OC OG, growing up on camera, but, instead, I gotta give it to her mom, Vicki, just because I still love this moment (when a minivan came to take Vicki Gunvalson and family to the airport band she flipped) so much.
  • Jakchole- Our OC flavored Jackhole goes to a bad moment in Jeana’s history, which, ironically, happened after she’d left the show but came back to attend a party that turned ugly thanks to a long standing feud. Fine wine, and there was one shining moment with a glass flinging queen.

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