Bristol Palin & Levi Johnson are GETTING MARRIED!

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnson are GETTING MARRIED!

Bristol & Levi surprise us all, especially her mother, with a surprise announcement...



Briston Palin and Levi Johnston are engaged and they surprised Sarah Palin with the announcement on the cover of US Magazine! HERE'S WHAT: Bristol is a grownup now and she can do what she wants. And if she wants to do bad things to her mother, we have to let her.

HERE'S WHAT ELSE: That girl is just full of surprises! Although this time she's more figuratively full than literally physically full.

HERE'S WHAT ELSE, ELSE: I imagine Sarah Palin is just sort of washing her hands of the whole thing and focusing on raising her younger kids Willow, Piper and Trigg until they are old enough to handle creating their own scandals.

ULTIMATELY, HERE'S WHAT: At least Sarah Palin has that older son, Track, who's in the military, to be proud of. If he's even real.




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