Crazy Dance

Crazy Dance

Andy describes the weird energy in the clubhouse with guests Danielle Staub and Jeff Lewis on last night's Live.


Well, the thing I love about Watch What Happens Live is that it's live, no two shows are alike, and I never know what's going to happen. So last night I had Danielle who was not only recovering from something, not drinking and medicated on antibiotics, but she was uncharacteristically evasive in her non answers to your questions. To her left was our darling Jeff Lewis, who called me a pedophile within the first minute of the broadcast.

Happy First Birthday!

I wound up having some fun despite some weird energy in the room, and the fact that Danielle got up to do a crazy dance really was the caper of the night. By the way, she also sang a little "Real Close" with lesbian superstar Lori Michaels on our After Show... (Both the dance and the show will be posted soon.)

By the way, is it me or do Jeff and Danielle KINDA oddly look like brother and sister in this pic?


Last night I was on Joy Behar's show talking about the buzz of the day, and we discussed Kathy Griffin vs. Scott Brown. That joke had been a double-hot topic on The View yesterday (Bethenny's co-hosting today by the way) and Joy and Elizabeth went at it. I don't have to tell you who was on what side, but I thought Joy was going to rip her Elizabeth's face off. I pointed out on Joy's show that Bravo and Kathy went to great lengths (interrupting the show with a verbal and visual disclaimer) to reinforce that Kathy was making a JOKE. There's an interesting piece on HuffPo about it today...

Tonight Kathy Griffin's got an epic episode that finds our heroine getting a public pap smear, and then Markus and Indrani go to India for the most important shoot of Indrani's life! (And their season finale.)

Have a great day!

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