Due Date

Due Date

Meet Baby Bryn tonight, and watch Andy on 'The Colbert Report!!!'

Tonight's the night — Bethenny has her baby girl and it's a whomper of an episode — sweet, funny, sincere and real (like the series itself.)

I am getting a lot of e-mails this morning about" Pea Puree-gate," and this issue comes up next week for sure on the show. I know there will also be a deeep dive into this at the reunion. Did you think otherwise? What I know is that Alex asserts that he didn't steal it and there's no footage of him taking Ed's peas. Do we believe him?? Did he bring and buy peas???

Leave it to D.C. to be the city where a Top Chef winner is steeped in scandal. Last night there were parties at Palm Restaurants across the country, and after the show in D.C., Bruce Bozzi Jr. unveiled the now-notorious winner's characature.



I am a guest on The Colbert Report tonight, and I have to say I'm a little nervous. Maybe I'm actually a little nervous and maybe I am a lot nervous — I can't decide. Or maybe I'm fine about it. Anyway, it'll be on tonight on Comedy Central and you can judge for yourself how I netted out in the end.

Have a great day.

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