End of Summer

End of Summer

Andy reflects on his favorite moments from this summer.

We're careening towards the end of summer, and I'm pretty bummed out about that. As deal with Earl to hitting our shores, catch up on Tom's Top Chef blog to find out the reason behind last night's surprising elimination, and bide our time before Monday night's intense (and surprising - I promise) Jersey Reunion conclusion, I think it's time for me to look back at some of my most fun moments of the 2010 summer.




I won't ever forget the beginning of the summer, and throwing out the first pitch at the Cardinals game. Here I am playing a little pre-game one-handed up-in-the-air catch with myself and seemingly really having fun!




Is it wrong that I ENJOYED taping the Real Housewives of NYC reunion? I might've been the only one, but I found the whole thing fairly entertaining and I am amazed that we got three parts out of the show. I was so worried that people would be too upset that Jill and Bethenny were not friends this season, but that dispute provided an interesting backdrop for the season, and I thought their dialogue at the reunion was heartfelt.


We had a great summer on Watch What Happens Live and one of the highlights was having Jerry Seinfeld in the Bravo Clubhouse. I am so grateful that he did the show. His web extra, where we play "Who Wants to Be a Seinfeld-aire" using all real Millionaire questions about Seinfeld, remains one of my favorites! (Watch it HERE.)



I love that we really started having an audience this summer on Watch What Happens Live, What sounds on TV like at least 50 people is actually 15 people (on a crowded night), and here's a little glimpse of part of our wee crowd the night Kelly Ripa guested. We give our audience cocktails, and this group included Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka, and behind him my old pals Jeanne Messing, Fred Walsh, and Tom Reko. If you look at the moniter on the right, you can see me taking the picture.




I was the Celeb Grand Marshall of Houston's Gay Pride in June, and I met lots of amazing people in my quick visit to one of the friendliest towns I've visited. Here's a dad with his son and friends; they were so nice and I loved the dad's committment to his sweet son (in the blue hat, who may or may not be named Andy - I forgot).




The great thing about the Hamptons is that not much actually changes... Yes my Buddah was stolen, no I never got it back, and yes I still can't believe it. Other than that, the light is amazing, the waves are brilliant, it is a place I can nap, and the Perskys will always host amazing lunches and dinners in Shelter Island. Here are Bill and Joanna welcoming us with food on their dock.


My quick visit to Nebagamon, my camp alma-mater, was such an unexpected and heartwarming one that I am still thinking about it. Here I am with A-Co, the 16 year old Nebagamon camper named Andy Cohen who also is from St. Louis. (what are the chances?)


The Jersey Reunion has been making lots of news, and here's a shot from part 2 where Danielle is explaining her hair system to me. I (seriously) never knew how complicated hair extensions could be!




I went to Tahiti to chill it out and decompress from all the madness. I swam with sharks, didn't check my blackberry one time, and got deeply into paddle boarding. Who knows if I'll ever do it again, but it was fun for 10 days!




When I returned, the miracle of miracles happened in Los Angeles. We won an Emmy for Top Chef. (You're sick of me talking about this so I will stop.) Suffice to say that I'm thinking of keeping mine right in the spot where my Buddah was stolen. Would someone steal something as sacred as an Emmy???


Have a great last gasp of summer, everybody!

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