Hair Pull

Hair Pull

Andy talks about his "Hair Extension Tension Intervention" with Jacqueline and Teresa on last night's 'WWHL.'

What can I possibly say?

Last night's NJ Housewives was intense, the hair-pull heard 'round the world. After the show, on our Hair Extension Tension Intervention, Jacqueline seemed pissed at what had gone down and none too pleased with her daughter's behavior. Ashley was there too, and I believe she was contrite, but you will see on the show that it takes her a bit to get to that place.

Teresa said the chinchilla made her feisty. Mmm'k. I'll buy it. I wonder if she's planning on wearing chinchilla to the reunion? We tape in a few weeks and I am thinking it'll be like nothing we've seen before.

By the way, last night I mentioned that somebody "Latin" had won the World Cup and I got a bunch of tweets from people wanting to set that record straight. It was a wee joke, everybody. I was also kidding about the "Jackhole Sun" song... I know it is "Black Hole." It is all in fun! F-U-N.

After the show we went to the Cubby Hole and then Corner Bistro for a burger. That is an amazing one-two punch of a West Village combo!

Tonight on Bravo, Kathy Griffin heads to Washington to take on Don't Ask, Don't Tell and then Markus and Indrani take on Lady Gaga AND Naomi Campbell on Double Exposure! That is a lot to think about.

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