IPad or Bust

IPad or Bust

Andy Cohen purchases a new toy.

Now THAT was a fun show last night! It was great to not be the ONLY one at the party who was celebrating. Mm-hmm I am talking to you, Jeff Lewis.

(Jeff Lewis on line two....)

Anyway, we had a lot of laughs and the highlight for me was Rachel Dratch giving clues to Bethenny during "She by Charades." Man that lady is FUNNY. I hope you got a kick out of seeing Ben Weiner's pic from camp, too. (We did!)

So I got an iPad yesterday and I am officially obsessed. It is so fun and sleek and gorgeous and I might marry it. Is that legal? Like any overly handsome mate, it is not without its flaws and I am trying to determine what those are before I get too deep into the relationship. My boyfriend seems to be pesky and irritable about importing pictures, that is as much as I can tell so far. We MAY go to couple's therapy, but we shall see. I am hoping this relationship goes the distance without me having to upgrade. Upgrading is painful.

Tonight is a brand new episode of Kathy, and you get to see her home renovation. Who knew Lara Spencer is a decorator!? Kathy knew, I guess....

OK I am not totally loving the iPad keyboard, but I am sure I will adapt. That being said, I think I will blame the iPad on the poor quality of today's blog. I am blameless....

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