Kathy Griffin Goes to Alaska

Kathy Griffin Goes to Alaska

And the Double Exposure team shoots Lindsay Lohan. Plus: more time with Caroline and Albie!

Tonight is so much fun on Bravo! At 10, Kathy Griffin goes deep with Levi Johnston in Wasilla, Alaska. Seriously, that happens. On Bravo. Tonight. Insane.

At 11, it is the continuation of the Lindsay Lohan photo shoot drama on Double Exposure. In last week's episode, she was something like 11 hours late for Markus and Indrani's shoot; after it aired, she tweeted that she was set up by Bravo and that we changed her call time for drama. Well that ain't true. What happens tonight is bizarro.

Last night I had such a blast throwing ham at Albie while Caroline looked on in horror. I got a lot of tweets from people who thought I was very drunk on the show, but the truth is that I was just happy about getting to throw ham on TV!

Here's the after-show we taped:


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