Andy Cohen prepares for a whole lot of Ramona-ness.


I'll be sharing a ramoment (or five) with Ramona and Denise Richards tonight in the Clubhouse live at 11. We're counting down the episodes, by the way, to the WWHL Season 4 finale on August 7th.  

Last night we had dinner in the far East Village at Mercadito on Avenue B. It was great tapas, and they'll whip out a Skinnygirl for anybody who asks. And we did ask. And we maybe asked again.  

So this morning I'm drinking the Manzo boys BLK water to recover from the tequila. This is their new product that they're distributing and marketing with Jacqueline's husband Chris. It is literally black water; it's black because it is infused with fulvic acid that apparently is great for you and a wonderful hangover remedy. It tastes the same as water, so you just have to get over the color. Their tagline is "Enjoy the Dark Side." I dig it.

Would you believe I have not turned on my TV at my apartment or the beach one time this summer? I've been solely watching and giving notes on upcoming Bravo shows on DVD. That's nuts, no? I am so behind on Oprah 25. After she went off the air, I feel like I dropped it like a hot potato and I need to go back to it....

See you tonight at 11! 

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