About Last Night

About Last Night

Andy Cohen tries to remember what he said on Letterman.

Well that was surreal. I'm not talking about Jersey --  I can't believe I went on Letterman ... that it happened and I sat there and talked to him and words seemed to come out and then he said something and I said something back. I have no clue what exactly I said and still haven't seen the appearance, but I hope it made sense. We barely discussed anything that I'd discussed with my producer, and that was because Dave was really getting into the genesis of Housewives.

He could not have possibly been nicer, and the whole experience was incredibly exciting, and it was just an honor to be there. I do remember that he mentioned my yellow tie and that he'd seen it a lot before, which was amusing because on Sunday night, I'd agonized with my EP Michael Davies about what to wear and landed on the yellow tie. So somehow Dave had seen tape (whaaa?) of me wearing that tie before and mentioned it, wondering if wearing that tie was my signature or something. This is all mildly amusing given that I have so many ties that I had to buy a second tie rack on Saturday.  

I said mildly amusing. 

Backstage was a lot of energy. My friends met me there to hang out and fret with me, or make sure I did not fret. I ran into a bunch of stagehands and camerapeople that I'd known from my days at CBS News. Christina Aguilara came into my dressing room to profess her love for the Housewives, which was quite nice. 

When it was over I raced to JFK to grab a plane to L.A. I came about two minutes away from missing the flight and almost peed in my pants, so that was agonizing and upsetting. In the air, I followed your tweets about the RHONJ premiere. Whoa, right??? It kinda went from 0 to 60 in about a minute.... 

I will say that last night set the stage for the entire season to come. There is a lot of family and a lot of drama and laughs and fun. I love that we now have two families that are the centerpiece of the show. As nutty as that christening was last night, there will be plenty to relate to this season. I promise. Have you seen Jay Mohr's hilarious blog yet? Read it HERE.

OK, so I am indeed in L.A., en route to reunite the O.C. Housewives. It's going to be a long, dramatic day. Have a good one.

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