About Last Night

About Last Night

Andy tells us what went down at his 'Hamptons Magazine' bash.

Last night was very fun. It was a hotbox, but very fun. I'm talking about the blast of a bash thrown by Hamptons Magazine at the Hudson Hotel to celebrate my cover. Besides a lot of my old friends and new friends and old coworkers and new coworkers, we had Lisa, Camille, and Kyle from the Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Cindy, Alex, and Ramona from the New York City cast. 

To answer the questions that you didn't know you had for me:

- Yes, Ramona spilled Pinot Grigio on the back of my suit. And, yes, my trainer later spilled his wine on her.

- No, I did not make out with anyone at the party.

- Yes, we all wound up at the Palm afterwords and had a rollicking great time. The Beverly Hills contingent joined and that was fun!

- Yes, I SHOULD'VE worn socks last night, because I think my dogs' overheating then led to a general malaise within my internal cooling system.

- No, I didn't finish my book last night or come up with a title.

- Yes, I had breakfast with my editor this morning, and I am both inspired and feeling a little pressure!

Have a great day and thanks for all your nice comments yesterday about the book.

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