Bongo the Monkey

Bongo the Monkey

Andy is happy the missing monkey was found and dishes on his terrible dining experience.


Last night Flipping Out was some big drama. Jeff and Trace have a lot to discuss at that reunion and I can't wait. 

Did anyone see the article in the New York Post the other day about this nutbag of a lady who treated a monkey doll as though it were her child, lost it, freaked out, posted a reward, then got it returned in a tearful reunion? It was so nuts that I can't stop thinking about it. There was a picture of her out to dinner with the stuffed monkey! She was so happy. Bless her! Find that article -- you will smile!


Last night I went to Cafe Fedora on West 4th Street. It's the latest in a series of restaurants that have been converted from neighborhood dives into hip hotspots. (Waverly Inn was probably one of the first.) It was good, although the menu is a little gamey for my unsophisticated taste. But there was a woman seated two tables away with the most irritating, high pitched voice who everyone else in the joint was subconsciously screaming over to be heard. This created a cacophony, not unlike being at a Ranger Game or a fight (that's redundant). 

So when the lady went to the bathroom I was amazed to notice that the entire restaurant got very mellow and lovely and everyone returned to their indoor voices. When she returned from her bidness it was chaos again and she brought out the beast in everyone. Oh and she was a super slow eater, because she wouldn't shut her can. She was there when I arrived and when I left, and I do not care for her one bit. And if I ever walk into a restaurant and that lady is there I would leave. I would get off an airplane she was on and rebook my ticket. I feel strongly about this!  

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