Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Andy Cohen recounts his weekend in Cape Cod, and explains why Gretchen Rossi didn't perform on Watch What Happens: Live.

I had a great, super-mellow, and Northeastern-y weekend with a group of friends in Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. I felt like a combo of a lobster roll and a piece of saltwater taffy!

Last night was interesting. Kara DioGuardi (I know I pronounced her name five different ways, and for that I apologize) was initially, I think, wondering "WTF am I doing here?" and then fully immersed herself in the experience. I dig her, and Platinum Hit is a whole new kind of competition show for us. I'm excited for it to premiere. 

To answer your questions about what happened to Gretchen's performance, sadly she doesn't have promotional rights to perform her own song, which seems unusual and didn't become clear until the weekend. We tried to come up with another performance, but it was not to be. In any case, it was good having her on after what I thought was a really powerful episode of O.C. My heart was breaking for Vicki and Donn last night. That was some really sad stuff happening.

Tonight is the big Posche fashion show at the Brownstone! And the return of Kim D.! And Kim G.! And I'm live at 10 p.m. EST with Teresa and Jacqueline!


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