Crap Ass Mood

Crap Ass Mood

Andy Cohen tries to cheer himself up after waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

I awoke on the wrong side of the bed this morning, which is a quite infrequent affair for me. So I'm going to keep this brief this morning. I should note that my cab driver's whimsical Tweety Bird floormats are not cheering me up.

The weekend was fun. Friday was a light work day, so I mixed it up and had a late lunch with friends at Cafe Cluni that maybe included some Domain Aut. Saturday night I saw a documentary at the Quad about Crop Circles called What in the World? that was helmed by my pal Liza Persky's mum Suzanne Taylor. It was interesting. I left thinking, "What in the world!?"

Yesterday was a gorgeous Easter and I bummed around on the streets with Bruce and his daughter. We ran into Bethenny and Jason and Bryn and gossiped a bit about this and that. I did some work, napped, and hit the clubhouse for some time with Cheyenne Jackson and Rachel Dratch.  Please tell me you saw them playing "Housewives Playhouse Smackdown." They were perfectly hilarious...

The fun continued after the show with more of the game and a fun call from Laredo, Texas!

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