Dancing with Stars

Dancing with Stars

Andy Cohen cheers on Ricki Lake.

I'm heading home this morning, and my hotel room looks like a bomb hit it. Did that much happen in here? Did anything?

Last night I was happy to be "ringside" at the Dancing with the Stars premiere cheering on my old friend Ricki Lake, who looked beautiful and danced great. I loved seeing how brave Chaz Bono was and was delighted to meet his aunt (Cher's sister) in the glamorous CBS parking lot after the show. (They use a CBS soundstage to shoot DWTS, even though it's on ABC.) 

We were Kardashian-adjacent for the show, and that mother can really work her Blackberry to a pulp. As much as I know about the Housewives is as little as I know about that family, but Khloe and I seemed to have mouthed sweet nothings to each other during the show, and she seems nice. And Bruce is a marvel to look at just because of whatever he has done to his face vs. what he looked like on the Wheaties box. On our right were Billy Baldwin and Michelle Phillips and they were super-tickled by Chynna's performance and the great reaction to it. 

We sat with Camryn Manheim, who's a really fun girl and great gamer. She predicted all the judges' scores close to correctly for the entire night. Friends of Elisabetta -- former Clooney girlfriend -- were sitting next to us, and I was thinking they better not get too familiar with that studio because I think she's out tonight. She doesn't have a fan base here, I don't think. We saw Carson before the show, and I loved his performance. He's awesome. We also saw Jenny McCarthy, Niecy Nash, and Courtney Cox.

Tonight is a brand new episode of The Rachel Zoe Project featuring RZ styling Kim Kardashian! Worlds collide!

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