Fun Weekend

Fun Weekend

Andy Cohen hosts the GLAAD Awards, and takes in some sports and Broadway.

I had a blast this weekend; it feels like spring here. Friday night I went with some pals to the Rangers game and it was a whopper. The Rangers scored five times in the first period and we were right behind the goal, and oh yes, I am sitting here talking to you about hockey on this blog. Yes I am. Here was our view:

On Saturday I kicked around town in the cool sun with a pal, and stumbled upon a piano player smack in the middle of Washington Square Park.  I loved it.

On Saturday night, I hosted the GLAAD Awards, which honor the media's most positive portrayals of the LGBT community. Saturday's special honorees were Ricky Martin and Russell Simmons. Before the show I was excited to meet NYC nightlife legend Rollerina. In the '70s and '80s, Rollerina roller skated around the village by day and on the dance floor of Studio 54 by night. She was one of Manhattan's first big celebrity drag queens.

The awards were really fun, and my highlight was Tina Fey coming onstage to play a game that my Watch What Happens: Live team devised called "Fey on Gay" celebrating 25 years of gays on TV. Fey said if she was ever going to come out, she'd do so at halftime of the Superbowl, that lesbians are great at hosting talk shows because they're adept at pretending to be interested in straight people's boring stories, that she reckons Ernie and Bert are straight but questions Telly and Murray, and that "Jan" must've worked Robert Reed's last gay nerve. (Someone posted the game on YouTube but you didn't hear it from me....)

 I was excited to meet the adorable Ricky Martin, who seems as nice as you'd want him to be. (Though I wish he'd worn his silver jeggings he wore to the Grammys.) Here's a view of him from backstage....

After the show we went to Industry and had a lot of fun. Yesterday I had an awful brunch at the Mercer Kitchen, then walked home, and did a bunch of work. Before my show, I hit opening night of Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Palace Theater. The jukebox musical was glittery and joyful and festive and gay and sing-along disco fun. I don't totally get why they ended the whole thing with the Pat Benatar hit "We Belong" because the show otherwise was so heavy on disco and dance music, but who am I to question? We sat across the aisle from producer Bette Midler and so that was exciting on it's own. The New York Times compared the show unfavorably to Mamma Mia, which is another cream puff of a jukebox musical and I just don't get the difference. It's splitting hairs. They are both stupid fun. That being said I don't really like jukebox musicals much at all and thought Rock of Ages was the dumbest thing I'd ever seen.

What do I know, is really the point.... I had fun. Maybe that's the point.

From there I went to the Bravo Clubhouse where I welcomed Alexis Bellino and Carla Hall to the show. DId you see the drawing Alexis' son made me??? it is adorable!  What about Alexis saying "He even drew the two lines on your forehead!" Um....

Tonight is an amazing episode of Bethenny in which Bryn is weirdly and semi-accidentally baptized in her nanny's church. You really have to see this one to believe it.

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