Andy Cohen attends the Made in NY Awards.


It is so hot today, but I'll take it...

Tonight is a new episode of Million Dollar Decorators, which with you know I'm obsessed. And I think we might have to produce a spinoff with Zoila and Jacqueline. What do you think? Am I nuts? Zoila and Jacqueline take a road trip? They pick up Elsa in Miami and the three of them have an adventure like no other? Maybe Patti Stanger sets them all up?  Oh, the possibilities are endless, my friends!  

Martyn and Kathryn from MDD stopped by my office at the end of the day yesterday and I mistakenly left my Martyn Lawrence Bullard candle burning all night. I woke up with a shot at 3 a.m. and pictured my office in flames up on the 46th floor of 30 Rock. Thankfully, the flame stayed burning in the glass all night and I have a gorgeous scent wafting around me. (At this point I cannot tell you what that scent may be....)

Many of you have been e-mailing saying you want to go to Camp Bravo. I do too! I kind of already go there, but I can gaurantee that if that were a real place it'd be big hit. And everybody would be getting into trouble!

Last night were the Made in NY Awards at Gracie Mansion honoring, among others, my boss Lauren Zalaznick and Matt Damon and John Leguizamo. The NYC Housewives were out in force. I saw Ramona at the bar ordering a sparkling water. They were not serving Pinot Grigio! (Damn you, Mister Mayor! Sonja, Jill, and LuAnn were also there and it was interesting seeing certain women veer away from each other. It's always drama, people! 

I got so much positive response about Sean Avery in the Clubhouse the other night. I am so glad you dug him. He is such a unique guy; I love running into him around NYC and chatting it up. He knows a lot about fashion and is a modern dude. He also happens to be very handsome, of course. And he has specific opinions on my clothes, which he relays to me all the time.  He thinks I don't wear enough white shirts and that I wear socks too often.  

 OK, I have to go to a voiceover session across town. Have a great day!

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