I Left My Heart...

I Left My Heart...

Andy Cohen returns from San Francisco.

I'm in the TODAY greenroom trying to find Laura Bush. She's here, but I don't see her. 

I really do love San Francisco; I love the vibe and the look and the people and the food and the whole experience. So I spent the weekend there and ate well and chillaxed. In that short time I ate at the Slanted Door, Zero Zero, Prospect, and Wayfare Tavern. They were all fantastic, and Tyler Florence really has it going on at the Wayfare. Try the pineapple upside down cake for dessert. 

Oh, my producer just told me that Laura Bush is in the upstairs greenroom. Maybe it is a good thing I am not sitting across from her. I don't know what I'd do, and I am pretty sure Bravo is not on her "fave channels" list. I could be wrong, by the way.  She's on the segment before me, so I think I might see her in the studio.

I got in last night, grabbed my mom, and went to the Bravo Clubhouse where I welcomed Curtis Stone and NeNe Leakes. It was a laughfest from start to finish. Top Chef Masters host Stone is a great sport and lots of fun. And cute. (Did I say that already?) I was just so excited that we finally had another guest who rivaled NeNe in height!  Here's a pic of my guests with my teeny mom!


So there are ads for Watch What Happens: Live all over town and one of the side effects of this is that you get nasty and hilarious graffiti plied all over your face for all your neighbors to see. People have been tweeting me pictures of the AndyGraffiti and it is cracking me up. Here's a tame one someone sent me on Saturday, and I think this is a new look I should consider!


OK I have to go to the studio...

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