Andy Cohen recaps his weekend and previews exciting things to come in the week.

Today is going to be fun. I'm taping Late Show with David Letterman this afternoon and then, while you're watching the RHNJ premiere, I'll be on a plane to Los Angeles for the O.C. Reunion. I am very excited to be on Letterman! How did this happen? I hope I don't royally screw it up. It could go either way.

Tonight's 90-minute Jersey premiere is fantastic. The drama is essentially localized to two families now, Teresa's and Caroline's, and so it is thick with tension and also somehow relatable. Tonight starts with a BANG. We literally couldn't fit it into an hour. Woah. Check out Jay Mohr's blog tomorrow; it's so funny.

The weekend was fantastic. Friday night was a late night at Bar Centrale with a crowd that seemed to all go from their respective shows to the bar.  Saturday was work all day and then Book of Mormon that night. I liked the show a lot. It's really hard to walk into something that's been heralded as the funniest thing ever in the history of smiling, and have it live up to that description. Alas, for me, it did not but I really liked it and thought it was really good!

We headed to Tiny's after the show; that's Sean Avery's new restaurant in Tribeca. I like that guy a lot for a whole lotta reasons, and so it's always fun hanging out with him. I don't know how I got talked into going to Greenhouse at the very end of the night but I did, and I went. Oh lord.

OK so wish me luck and I'll see you tonight!

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