Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

Andy gears up to be the Grand Marshal of Miami's gay pride festivities.

This morning, I am getting on a plane for Miami to be Grand Marshal of their gay pride festivities, and I can't get last night's RHNYC drama out of my head. I think I am expected to speak at some point and how in the hell am I not going to just get up there and somehow re-enact the shenanigans of Sonja and Alex?

Sonja was genuinely surprised by your response to last night's episode, but she brought her A-game to the Clubhouse. David Arquette was a very cool guy, and as the night went on, he really seemed to get into the absurdity of it all.  He was giggling like a madman on the after show. The guy looks great, is 100 days sober, and seems like a very nice person. It was fun having him in the Clubhouse.  

Sunday I fly home and head straight back for Tamra and her new beau Eddie. Wait till you see the game we're playing... In the meantime, here are some clips from last night, and the After Show:


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