Morning Springtime Pollen Haze

Morning Springtime Pollen Haze

Andy shares his experience as the Grand Marshal of Miami's gay pride weekend.

Good morning! It is spring in Manhattan and my allergies are making my eyes explode. I'm a little hazy today so bare with me. 

I spent the weekend here: 


Miami was sunny and gorgeous and 100 percent fun. Being the Grand Marshal of Gay Pride is an invitation to fun. On Friday night, we ran smack into Marysol and Adriana, who rolled out the Miami welcome wagon.  


Saturday was parade day, and it was full of laughs thanks to my two OG's, Graciela and Amanda: 


We laughed the entire weekend. The parade was awesome, and I had a pic of the sign an amazing woman made about my eyes. We rode in the back of a maroon Rolls convertible, and so that was a superchic Ocean Drive moment. And I fell in love with Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower. She's 73 and amazing. I was also psyched that my cousin Dave came down from Ft. Lauderdale. Someone tweeted that he's a combo of me and Tony Danza. Interesting!


I got home last night in time to go to the Clubhouse for shenanigans with Tamra and Eddie. Funnily enough, I am en route to breakfast with Jay Mohr this morning, and he became the center of debate last night when Gretchen and Slade called into the After Show to recuse themselves from Mohr's story about their questioning Eddie's sexuality and sparks flew... Check out the After Show!

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