New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Andy Cohen tries to move on with his life after Oprah.

OK, so there's no more Oprah at 4 p.m. today, or any day. Channel 7 is begging me and everyone else to "say hello" to their 4 p.m. news but, I mean, I just can NOT. Lee Goldberg's accu-weather ain't Oprah! Nothing is Oprah!

I thought the finale was as perfect as could be! Just Oprah doing a monologue felt better to me than five years of Sunday services. I thought it was elegant and truthful and cut to the heart of what she is about, and what her mission for her show has always been. It was the right way to end it. 

Last night I dried my tears and joined Sarah Jessica Parker and Sean Avery and the mayor at the Bloomberg Foundation for a benefit supporting marriage equality. It was lovely and powerful, and always an honor to speak with the mayor. This morning I realized I forgot to ask him about his new smoking bans, which I think are really crappy. You should be able to smoke in a park in NYC. That's what parks in NYC are for, right???  It's New York Freaking City -- can we not forget this?!

Tonight is going to be somewhat epic. The New York Housewives three-week trip to Morocco begins and it is a doozy!!! I will be live at 11 celebrating that and Fleet Week with Ramona and MSNBC's Willie Geist. See you then!

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