Andy Cohen enjoys some homemade ice cream.

I'm driving home this morning from a perfect weekend in the Hamptons where I managed to get sleep, eat heartily, laugh a lot, dance a little, get work done, see friends, avoid traffic, swim in the ocean, and keep it real. How's that for a vague yet thorough recap?

There are swans near my house that just had five little babies. The babies are growing so fast right before my eyes, and it's just making me feel old, is all. And I feel so bad for those babies because their parents are awful, horrible swans that hiss and peck, and are just greedy no good rotton beasts. So how do I keep my sweet babies from turning out like their filthy parents? I can't really figure out how I'm going to win this. 

Oh we had homemade peppermint ice cream at the Perskys and they throw M&M'S in mine because they know I like it that way. And that's a real delicacy, peppermint ice cream with M&M'S. You just don't have that every day. (I don't, anyway.) And so that means summer has officially begun, and the sad truth is that all I can think about now is that summer is about to end. I feel it coming. I don't wanna be a downer, but that's on my mind. I need to share with you. 

Tonight is a brand new episode of Million Dollar Decorators, and it is a good one. I don't have to tell you how nutso I am for that show....

Have a great day! 

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