Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Andy Cohen highlights his whirlwind weekend.

I'm happy to be home and I'm happy we have our first Gingey Miss USA in many years and she really did look like Poison Ivy. I had more fun last weekend than I can properly convey in a back-of-cab quick blog. 

Can I just bullet point what I need to say?

** There's a brand new Million Dollar Decorators on tonight. Did you fall in love with Mary on WWHL last week? She's one of a kind.

** First of all, Giuliana Rancic is a lovely person and was a great co-host. I thought I was busy being a Bravo exec and doing WWHL, but this lady has so many balls in the air. She was shooting three shows while there (E! News, Fashion Police, and her Style reality show). She and I had the BEST TIME screaming out state names all night and making them each have 12 syllables: "Haaaaaaa-WAAAAAAAAAA-eeeee!"

** I am not a little person. Giuliana was wearing massive high heels. This was our one point of discord. I like girls to feel perty, so I didn't object too loudly. 

** Miss California stood out to us from the first rehearsal. She seemed like a superstar. And I like that she's for gay marriage.

** None of the women really answered their questions, did they? Like the girl who I asked about her trip to Paris. Whaaa?

** Running from Miss USA to the back of the theater and WWHL was a TRIP, and when the lights went out that was another trip. What you didn't see

was the prompter and our moniter also going down. OY!  

** To give you an idea of how exhausted I was at the end of the night, watch this After Show. It's kinda funny. And don't forget that starting this Thursday the After Show will be LIVE, right here on Bravotv.com!

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